This SICKENING DIAMONDS treatment delivers mega-targeted ingredients that help make skin’s contours feel firmer and look more defined after just one shimmering use. Paint on the star-studded glitter mask, let dry, and peel it off to reveal a tighter, toned, and more lifted you. Once dry, the mask is removed in a perfect glitter peel with no leave-behind. 


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    Le Masque


    Will the glitter residue be left behind on my face? This is the perfect peelable glitter mask. Let dry fully before you remove. Be patient and take lots of selfies.

    Will the glitter clog my pores?
    No, the glitter will not clog your pores.

    Will the glitter particles scratch my face?
    Definitely not. The glitter is safe to use on the face.

    What is your glitter made of?
    Le Masque is made of high-quality cosmetic-grade glitter that is commonly added to makeup. No need to rinse it off with water. It is peelable!